Carnie, Andrew, Eloise Jelinek & Mary Willie (2000)

Papers in Honor of Ken Hale. MIT Working Papers in Endangered and Less Familiar Languages 1. Cambridge: MITWPL.


A collection of articles written in honor of Ken Hale.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Tribute to Ken Hale, Jane Hill
  • Tohono O'odham Ha'icu Ha-cegitodag, Ofelia Zepeda
  • Rethinking Switch Reference, Lynn Nichols
  • Person and Point of View in Navajo Verbs, Margaret Speas
  • Individual and Stage Level Predication and the Navajo Classificatory Verbs, Mary Ann Willie
  • Dative and Argument Hierarchies, Eloise Jelinek
  • The Navajo Prolongative and Lexical Structure, Carlota S. Smith
  • Head-Internal Relative Clauses in Dogrib (Athapaskan), Leslie Saxon
  • Another Look at the Athapaskan y-/b- Pronouns: Evidence from Slave for b- as a Case Marker, Keren Rice
  • Yi and Bi: Proximate and Obviative in Navajo, Judith Aissen
  • Some Notes On Derivational Relationships Among Navajo Verbs, Leonard Faltz
  • Navajo Conditional Interpretations, Theodore B. Fernald, Ellavina Tsosie Perkins & Paul R. Platero
  • Incorporating Onsets in Navajo: the d-Effect, Joyce M. McDonough
  • The Features ROUND and LABIAL in Tohono O'odham, Jane H. Hill
  • Comments on Papers, Kenneth L. Hale

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