Irish Nouns: A Reference Guide. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Carnie, Andrew (2008) Irish Nouns: A Reference Guide. Oxford University Press


This book provides the first comprehensive reference on noun declensions in Modern Irish. Traditional descriptions of Noun Inflection are notoriously complex and filled with exceptions and irregularities. In this book, Andrew Carnie provides a new description of the way Irish nouns are inflected. By proposing ten declension classes instead of the traditional five and by separating off seven major types of plural formation, this work provides a systematic and straightforward characterization of nominal paradims in the language, which captures important generalizations about the inflection of nouns. In addition to  this new description, Carnie provides fully inflected paradigms for 1200 nouns, and a reference list of 10,000 Irish nouns annotated with their new  declension class, their plural type and the form of the genitive singular  and common case (nominative) plural. Irish Nouns: A Reference Guide also includes parallel information on the inflection of adjectives and  prepositions.                                                                  

This unique reference tool will be invaluable not only to  language researchers and authors, but to teachers and  students of the language, whether they are native speakers or beginners.

Hardback: ISBN10: 0199213755


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Quick Reference Sheet.

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Michal Boleslav Mechura's Paradigm Generator (tied to the declension classes described in this book):


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