Papers on Phonology and Morphology, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 21. Cambridge: MITWPL.

Carnie, Andrew and Heidi Harley, with Tony Bures (editors)(1994) Papers on Phonology and Morphology, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 21


A collection of articles on phonology and morphology written by students and faculty at MIT in 1994.

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Table of Contents:

  • A Reanalysis of Indonesian Stress, Morris Halle & William Idsardi
  • Cyclic vs Noncyclic Contraint Evaluation, Michael Kenstowicz
  • Couples are Stronger than Singles: Unmatched Parenthesis Deletion as Stray Erasure, Masatoshi Koizumi
  • Syllable Structure and Labial Cooccurrence in Taiwanese, Zhiming Bao
  • Whence Sonority? Evidence from Epenthesis in Modern Irish, Andrew Carnie
  • Extending Sloan (1991): Complexity in Syllable Structure, Diana Cresti
  • On the Structure of the Coda and Voicing Phenomena in Polish, Renate Musan
  • Are Feature Hierarchies Autosegmental Hierarchies?, Colin Phillips
  • The OCP, Underspecification and Articulatory Faithfulness, Hubert Truckenbrodt
  • Some Key Features of Distributed Morphology, Morris Halle & Alec Marantz
  • Hug a Tree: Deriving the Morphosyntactic Feature Hierarchy, Heidi Harley
  • The Syntax-Phonology Mapping in Catalan and Spanish Clitics, James Harris
  • On Matching Syntax-Phonology Mismatches, Wei-tien Dylan Tsai
  • Serbo-Croatian Second Position Clitic Placement and the Phonology-Syntax Interface, Carson Schütze

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