Personal Info

Alas most of the details on page are no longer available

Due to a severe instance of cyber-stalking in May 2009, I have been forced to take this page down. If you want to know about me, write me and I'll probably tell you. The crucial facts are:
SSHRC postdoc fellowship under the direction of Eithne Guilfoyle. and Jim McCloskey.
1996-1997 Visiting assistant Professor University of Michigan.
1997-1998 Visiting assistant Professor Harvard for a year, although bizarrely I was hired as a semanticist not a syntactician. That year I danced with the MIT folkdance club again and with Mandala, a semi-professional performance group, which was great fun.
1998-2004 Assistant Professor University of Arizona
2004-2009 Associate Professor University of Arizona
2009-Present Professor, University of Arizona