Proceedings of the 18th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Somerville: Cascadilla.

Bird, Sonya, Andrew Carnie, Jason Haugen & Peter Norquest (1999) Proceedings of the 18th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Somerville: Cascadilla.


A collection of articles written by the presenters at the 18th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL18). Available in both Electronic (CD) and Book form.

vi + 645 pages
spublication date: December 1999
ISBN 1-57473-223-4 CD-ROM, $20.00
ISBN 1-57473-023-1 paperback, $40.00
ISBN 1-57473-123-8 library binding, $80.00


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Table of Contents:


  1. Raising without infinitives and the nature of agreement, Alexiadou, Artemis and Elena Anagnostopoulou
  2. Where and why do CVC syllables count as heavy?, Ahn, Mee-Jin
  3. Structural markedness and Minimalist checking theory, Bejar, Susana
  4. How to get a free ride: additional scrambling effect and the principle of minimal compliance, Boeckx, Cedric and Koji Sugisaki5.
  5. A multiplanar account of consonant-tone interaction, Bradshaw, Mary M.
  6. Verbal classifiers as heads of functional projections: evidence from American Sign Language, Brentari, Diane and Elena Benedicto
  7. Diminutive reduplication in Thompson River Salish, Coelho, Gail
  8. Inflection is syntactic: evidence from Salish possessives, Davis, Henry and Martina Wiltschko
  9. A syntactic derivation of Semitic verbs, Doron, Edit
  10. Properties as arguments, Engelhardt, Miriam
  11. Extraposition and scope: a case for overt QR, Fox, Danny and Jon Nissenbaum
  12. Stripping and sluicing in Japanese and some implications,Fukaya, Teruhiko and Hajime Hoji
  13. Phrase-linking meets Minimalist syntax, Gärtner, Hans-Martin
  14. At-will spoonerisms and vowel length in Finnish, Harrikari, Heli
  15. Subject and adjunct asymmetries: evidence from syntactic satiation, Hiramatsu, Kazuko
  16. Dynamic quantification at a distance, Honcoop, Martin
  17. Consonant clusters in Tsou and their theoretical implications, Hsin, Tien-Hsin
  18. Cyclic spell-out and That-t effects, Ishii, Toru
  19. The phonetic basis of coronal phonotactics, Kang, Yoonjung
  20. Interaction of tone and stress in Seoul and Chonnam Korean, Ko, Eon-suk
  21. Manner in dative alternation, Krifka, Manfred
  22. A comprehensive of three Hungarian particles, Laczkó, Tibor
  23. Psych-adjectives and semantic selection, Landau, Idan
  24. Temporal adjectives and the structure of possessive DPs, Larson, Richard and Sungeun Cho
  25. On multiple wh-questions: weak crossover, D-linking, and the third wh-phrase effect, Lewis, John D.
  26. The morphosemantics of object case in Kannada, Lidz, Jeffrey
  27. Two views of Polish reflexives, Lubowicz, Anna
  28. A reconsideration of unaccusativity in ergative alternations, Matsuoka, Mikinari
  29. Evidence for feature-driven A-scrambling, McGinnis, Martha
  30. Subject and object coordination in Ndebele: and HPSG analysis, Moosally, Michelle J.
  31. A unified mora account of Chuukese, Muller, Jennifer S.
  32. Successive cyclicity phenomena in wh-movement constructions, Noonan, Máire B.
  33. Durative adverbials for result states, Piñón, Christopher
  34. Long-distance agreement in Tsez, Potsdam, Eric and Maria Polinsky
  35. On base-reduplicant identity, Pylkkänen, Liina
  36. Quantificational mapping of nonlogical If, Quer, Josep
  37. Absolute constructions: on the distribution of predicative idioms, Riehemann, Susanne Z. and Emily Bender
  38. Object assymetries and their morphophonological reflexes,Seidl, Amanda
  39. Typology of consonantal weaking in a constraint-based approach, Shin, Seung-hoon
  40. Noun faithfulness and accent in Fukuoka Japanese, Smith, Jennifer L.
  41. Compensatory lengthening as coalescence: analysis and implications, Sumner, Meghan
  42. Indexical pronouns as bound variables, Tsoulas, George and Murat Kural
  43. Binding Theory and Minimalist Features, Van Gelderen, Elly
  44. Predicative and non-predicative verb particle constructions, Vinka, Mikael
  45. Right-node raising and the LCA, Wilder, Chris
  46. Modal verbs must be raising verbs, Wurmbrand, Susi
  47. The unified semantics of Mosts, Yabushita, Katsuhiko
  48. Case features and case particles, Yang, Dong-Whee

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