Syntax: A Generative Introduction 2nd Edition. Malden: Wiley-Blackwell

Carnie, Andrew (2006) Syntax: A Generative Introduction 2nd edition Oxford: Wiley Blackwell Publishers. Please see third edition above for instructor's materials

Building on the success of the bestselling first edition, the second edition of Carnie's Syntax provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the major issues in Principles and Parameters syntactic theory, including phrase structure, the lexicon, case theory, movement, and locality conditions.

  • Includes new and extended problem sets in every chapter, all of which have been annotated for level and skill type
  • Features three new chapters on advanced topics including vP shells, object shells, control, gapping and ellipsis and an additional chapter on advanced topics in binding
  • Offers a brief survey of both Lexical-Functional Grammar and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
  • Succeeds in strengthening the reader's foundational knowledge, and prepares them for more advanced study
  • Supported by an instructor's manual and online resources, including Powerpoint slides and problem sets.

ISBN: 1405133848 
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English First Edition (2002)
English Third Edition (2012) 
Korean Second edition (2007)
Korean First edition (2003)


From the back cover of the second edition:

“Andrew Carnie's Syntax quickly became the standard textbook in generative syntax because it was neither overly technical nor artificially simple. The second edition is substantially better and more complete. The original discussion is expanded and there are a number of new chapters on advanced topics like raising and control, and the book continues to include chapters that introduce alternative theories like LFG and HPSG. To my mind, this is by far the best choice on the market today.” Peter Cole, University of Delaware

From the back cover of the First Edition

"From first-hand experience, Carnie's book provides a highly readable and engaging initiation into the mindset and preoccupations of current syntactic theory. It is useful in tying the cognitive implciations and the background of current Chomskyan work together with the increasing cross-linguistic emphasis in syntax. The problem sets alone were extremely appreciated by my undergraduates." Professor Mark Baltin, New York University

"This book is a perfect example of how sophisticated syntactc concepts can be presetned in a genuinely reader-friendly way. The syntax student is led carefully through argumentaiton to current syntactic theory and at the end has a clear understanding not only of the whats of syntax but also the whys." Professor Lisa deMena Travis, McGill University.

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